Big Idea by Daniel Pink

Daniel Pink

Today like it or not, we are all in sales now.  A huge portion of what we do is selling products, selling ideas, selling ourselves but sales aren’t what it used to be.  We have moved from a world of information asymmetry to a world of information parity, a world of buyer-beware to a world of celeb-beware.  In a world of celeb-beware, you have to learn the new A, B, C’s, attunement, buoyancy, and clarity, perspective taking, resiliency, and going from problem-solving to problem finding. You have to master three key skills.  To pitch, to improvise, and to serve and ultimately what this idea says is that we are all in sales now but today the way to do it better is not by being more like a sleazy sales person but being more human and more like yourself.

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