Big Idea by Erin Meyer

Erin Meyer

In today’s globalized economy, you might be in America and working in Nigeria, you might be a French woman negotiating a deal in Japan or an Australian trying to woo a new client in Brazil.  You can do your work over the phone, over Skype, or you can get on a plane that’s the easy part.  The difficult part is trying to figure out how to conduct your business with another culture.  Is it the Mexicans who don’t like criticism and the Danes who don’t want to mince words or is it the other way around?  Is it the British who like a lot of small talk and the Chinese who want to get right down to business or is it the reverse?  In today’s global world, we need to be constantly teasing out how our cultural bias is impacting our effectiveness so that we can get the results we need wherever in the world we may be.

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