Digital Thinking

Digital Thinking

Thinkers50 founders Stuart Crainer and Des Dearlove spend their time scanning the world of business ideas.  Here is their selection of some of the best commentators and thinkers on matters digital.

Jeremy Bailenson @stanfordVR

Founding director of Stanford University’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab and co-author Infinite Reality (William Morrow, 2012).

Erik Brynjolfsson & Andrew McAfee @erikbryn @amcafee

MIT co-authors of The Second Machine Age (Norton, 2014) and Race Against the Machine (Digital Frontier Press, 2011).

Enrique Dans @edans

Professor at IE Business School, blogger at, one of most followed tech opinion formers.

Peter Diamandis @peterdiamandis

Founder X Prize Foundation, co-author of Abundance (Free Press, 2012) and Bold (Simon & Schuster, 2015), and co-founder Singularity University.

Jose Esteves @jmesteves13

IE Business School professor researching hacking, egovernment and more.

Umair Haque @umairh

Commentator, HBR blogger, author of The Lamp and the Light (ebook, 2015).

Ben Horowitz @bhorowitz

Co-founder Andreessen Horowitz VC firm, blogger and author The Hard Thing About Hard Things (Harper, 2014).

Salim Ismail, Michael S. Malone and Yuri van Geest @salimismail

Authors of Exponential Organizations (Diversion, 2014). Ismail is an entrepreneur and former VP of Yahoo, founding executive director of Singularity University. Malone is a journalist and author; van Geest is a Dutch digital consultant and speaker.

Andrew Keen @ajkeen

Author of The Internet is Not the Answer (Atlantic Books, 2015), executive director of Future Cast, columnist and presenter.

Nilofer Merchant @nilofer

Silicon Valley-based ex-exec, author 11 Rules for Creating Value in the Social Era (HBR, 2012).

Alex ‘Sandy’ Pentland

Director Human Dynamics Lab at MIT, author of Social Physics (Penguin, 2014).

Rohit Talwar @fastfuture

CEO of Fast Future, author and futurist. Editor of The Future of Business (Fast Future, 2015).

Don Tapscott @dtapscott

Author of Digital Capital, Wikinomics and other bestsellers including Radical Openness (TED, 2013).

Jim Whitehurst @jwhitehurst

Ex-Delta CEO and now CEO of Red Hat, author The Open Organization (HBR, 2015).

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