Note From Editor-in-Chief

When dealing with the complexities of life, Plato had a wont of stripping down matters to their very core. But when it came to the power of ideas, he simply stated that “Ideas are the source of all things.” The statement could not have been truer. As we put together this issue paying ode to the sheer influence of powerful ideas over the years by throughout history, I could not have been any more convinced that ideas have, in fact, been the source of all things we experience and practice today. 

Even in the field of management, revolutionary ideas by leading management thinkers across generations have moulded the way businesses operate and build strategies. Building on this legacy, this issue of Thinkers highlights the evolution of management ideas in the 21st century and aims to recognise the next generation of business thinkers and their inspired work. 

As an ode to the Thinkers of the present generation we bring this issue that is at the cusp of original thinking and practical application.

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