Big Idea by Herminia Ibarras

Herminia Ibarras

Today the managers have to step up to the leadership roles but without the benefit of a formal job move or an anticipated promotion.  So, it’s up to them to figure out when that famous “we got you here,” “we’ll get you there” moment has come but also to come up with their own means of making the transition.  Usually when you move up into a new role, you have to interact with different kinds of people and people treat you differently. You are assigned different kinds of work which changes you irrespective of the fact whether you are in the same role/title. Even though the expectations change but the environment conspires you to stay the same. So, you have got to manage it yourself, and the only way to do so is by changing your activities and your relationships. This would change the mind-set that you need to step up the leadership.

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