The Big Ideas

The Big Ideas

What are the big ideas set to change the world of work now and in the future?  Thinkers50 founders Stuart Crainer and Des Dearlove spend their time scanning the world of business ideas.  Here is their selection of big ideas to investigate now. 

Collaborative Consumption/Rachel Botsman

Co-author of What’s Mine is Yours: How Collaborative Consumption is Changing the Way We Live (HarperCollins) and a visiting lecturer at Oxford University, Saïd Business School, Botsman’s TED talk on the collaborative economy has been watched by more than 2 million people.

Peers Inc./Robin Chase

The incorporation of the peer-to-peer economy into the business world, championed by co-founder of Zipcar and transportation entrepreneur. Book of the same title published by Public Affairs (2015). A doer and a thinker. Unusual.

 Nine Visions of Capitalism/Charles Hampden-Turner and Fons Trompenaars

Long-term Anglo-Dutch writing duo provide new visions for the future of capitalism based on unlocking the true meaning of wealth creation. Lots of reinventing capitalism ideas, but this is the most coherent.

Exponential Organizations/Salim Ismail, Michael Malone and Yuri van Geest

Ismail is an entrepreneur, former VP of Yahoo, founding executive director of Singularity University; Malone a leading journalist and author; and van Geest a digital consultant and speaker based in the Netherlands. Authors of Exponential Organizations (Diversion, 2014).

Return on Character/Fred Kiel

Co-founder and principal of KRW International, Kiel talked to 100 CEOs and researched for seven years to bring evidence to bear on how and why character is the bedrock of effective leadership. Proof positive.

Blue Ocean Leadership/W Chan Kim & Renée Mauborgne

INSEAD professors and authors of global bestseller Blue Ocean Strategy (HBR, 2005), turn their attention to leadership and re-constitute it as a service.

Collaborative Intelligence/Dawna Markova and Angie McArthur

Markova (ex-MIT) and McArthur of Professional Thinking Partners champion the concept of CQ in 2015 book Collaborative Intelligence (Random House).

Onlyness/Nilofer Merchant

“The thing that only that one individual can bring to a situation,” explains the Silicon Valley-based ex-exec Merchant, author of 11 Rules for Creating Value in the Social Era (HBR, 2012). Working now on new book.

The Culture Map/Erin Meyer

Cultural relativity applied to the contemporary business world by INSEAD professor and author of The Culture Map (Public Affairs, 2014).

Behavioral Fitness/Lee Newman

Workplace behaviors can be fine-tuned and improved in similar ways to how we improve our bodies. Positive psychology meets leadership courtesy of IE Business School professor and former consultant.

Holacracy/Brian Robertson

Philadelphia-based entrepreneur and former CEO, author of Holacracy (Portfolio, 2015) which provides an antidote to hierarchy.

Leading from the Emerging Future/Otto Scharmer

Scharmer is founding chair of MIT IDEAS program and the Presencing Institute. Awful name, we know. Author of Leading from the Emerging Future (Berrett Koehler, 2013), Theory U (Berrett Koehler, 2009), and Presence (Crown, 2008).

Leadership Capital Index/Dave Ulrich

Prolific author from the University of Michigan’s Ross School, provides an index by which investors can gauge leadership strength of an organization.  Important now tool for investors. Book out later this year (Berrett Koehler).

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